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DigitalGraphicDesign.com.au – We are a one-stop company for all branding and graphic design needs.

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Corporate Branding

Digital Graphic Design, fondly known as “DGD”, is a full-service graphic design company and digital agency dedicated to provide an array of services related to the same located in Perth and Sydney, Australia.

The wide range of services offered by DGD are not limited to include website design, video production, logo design, a wide range of graphic design services.. They take each client as an individual client and cater to their needs in a personalized manner understanding the client brief accurately. This is the main reason the quality of the work is always maintained and the client is never left disappointed.

DGD covers each and every aspect related to graphic design services for both, print and web and the services offered by DGD includes but are not limited to are as follows:-

  • Websites- Every business today requires a well-managed website. The websites that DGD creates is keeping in mind the business’s TA so that they can connect to it.
  • Ecommerce- For online retail, DGD provides buyer-focused solutions to make it extremely easy for them by providing smooth and easy-to-understand selecting and payment options.
  • Mobile Apps- Designing is DGD’s fortitude and hence, they provide professional app design for all operating systems.
  • HTML Emails/Newsletters- The business can have the longest database possible but without a smartly designed newsletter, it can be a waste. DGD custom designs mobile-ready emails and newsletters to attract customers.
  • Presentation- DGD designs attractive presentation in Prezi and PPT.
  • Graphic Design Services- DGD is a full- service graphic design company that is involved in all aspects of graphic designing including Logo, Corporate branding, Posters, Flyers, Corporate Brochures, Banners and more.

Picking a graphic designer or a graphic design company for a business can be extremely difficult, especially because of the many options available. There are few very important steps that can be taken before choosing a graphic designer or a company.



  • The first one is definitely going through their design portfolio and determining if they have carried out similar work before.
  • Secondly, it is very important to know from where the graphic designer operates. Have his/her detailed contact information, with not enough information one can easily get cheated.
  • Be open and ask them questions about anything related to the work including how they charge, how much input from the client is needed, and so on.
  • Don’t let cost affect the quality of the work for the business. Determine his experience and results with the quotes that he has to offer.
  • Getting a written quote from the graphic designer is advisable so that one can compare it with other quotes.
  • Try to get in touch with their clients, check for testimonials.
  • Professional graphic designer with a graphic design qualification knows the design procedures, principles and layouts.
  • Determine if they can work as a team if required with other professional’s like printers, web developers and so on.
  • Know if he is open to incorporate the client’s input in the work and if he open to feedback to make changes if required.

The above-mentioned steps are all a part of DGD’s value system and the extensive portfolio is proof of the quality work that the graphic design company has to offer. They are interested in creating personalized, enthusing and effectual visual communication for their client’s brand or service.

Contact us to see how they can help you today!

With love,

Melissa – Owner and Design Lioness DGD

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Why Partner With DGD?

DigitalGraphicDesign.com.au – We are a one-stop company for all branding and graphic design…

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