The 2016 SEO Checklist

Every time I finish a new website for a client, I typically find myself doing the same things over and over, in order to lay the foundation for solid on-page optimisation. Here are the top 30 things you should be thinking about when creating a new website or updating your existing one. 

We love SEO

We love SEO

  1. Have you set up Gmail filters for your new site, or setup a new email address? This isn’t necessary, but always makes things easier for me.
  2. Have you installed Google Analytics? This is not optional!
  3. Have you installed Google Search Console? Again, not optional.
  4. Have you installed Bing Webmaster Tools? Do this too.
  5. Using WordPress? Have you installed Google Analytics by Yoast and Yoast SEO? These plugins will make your life 10x easier.
  6. Have you checked Google Webmaster Tools for 404 / 500 errors, duplicate content, missing titles and other technical errors that Google has found? Make sure to keep up with any messages Google is sending you.
  7. Have you used Browseo to find even more technical errors? The most common detrimental errors people tend to make are 302 redirects that should be 301 redirects.
  8. Have you used Screaming Frog to find broken links, errors, and crawl problems?
  9. Have you used Google’s Keyword Planner? Be sure to consider searcher intent and difficulty, pick 1 keyword per page, and you’ll generally want to start with lower-volume keywords first.
  10. Have you looked at competitor link profiles? This is the easiest way to get started with link building. This way, you can see what kind of anchor text they’re using, as well as how and where they’ve been getting their links. Something like the SEO Toolbox, ahrefs, Link Diagnosis, Open Site Explorer or Majesti
  11. Have you incorporated your primary keyword (or something close) into your page UR
  12. Are all of your title tags ~65 characters or less? Title tags over this will be truncated in result
  13. Are all of your meta description tags ~155 characters or less? Meta description tags over this will be truncated in result
  14. Have you used an H1 tag? Is your keyword in the tag? Is it before any (H2, H3, H4…) tags? Are you only using 1 H1
  15. Do you have a healthy amount of search engine-accessible text on your site? My recommendation is at least 100 words because you want to give search engines an opportunity to understand what the topic of your page is. You can still rank with less, and you don’t ever want to put unnecessary text on your site, but I recommend not creating a new page unless you have roughly ~100 words worth of content.

The next 15 will be revealed in a few days time….. keep a look out!

If you need a new website or need help improving the SEO on your website… we have new add on SEO PACKAGES to optimise your website coming soon!

Warm regards,

Melissa – Owner DGD

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The 2016 SEO Checklist

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